How to get immunised

You can get vaccinations from a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider. They can also help you find out if you’re up to date with immunisations.

Where to get vaccinated

Immunisations can be given by your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider. Some vaccinations are also available through pharmacies, school programmes, Māori and Pacific health providers, and vaccination events.

Checking vaccinations are up to date

If you’re not sure what vaccinations you, or your child, is due for next, or if you need to catch up on any, you can:

  • check your Well Child Tamariki Ora Health Book (previously called Plunket Book), or
  • phone and talk to your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider.

If you are not able to confirm an immunisation, your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider may advise you to play it safe and get immunised. It’s better to be vaccinated and protected and there’s no risk in having extra doses.

Get a personalised immunisation schedule

Based on the National Immunisation Schedule, this handy tool shows what immunisations your child needs from 6 weeks to 13 years, and the dates due. It does not look at your child’s medical records, so your child may have had some vaccines already.

Use this as a general guide, and be aware that dates may vary depending on previous vaccination dates, or other clinical circumstances. Always consult your usual doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider about your child’s vaccinations.

Page last updated: 16 Jun 2023